Festival Songs

Here we provide parents in our community with some of our most loved festival songs. The purpose is not to listen to these songs in the presence of your children, but rather to facilitate your familiarity with them so we can sing them together as we prepare for festival time.

We will be adding more songs soon, but here is an example of our May Pole Songs:

May Pole Festival

Spring is Coming

spring is coming – listen to the tune on the flute

spring is coming, spring is coming
birdies build your nest.
weave together straw and feather
doing each your best.

spring is coming, spring is coming
flowers are waking, too.
daisies, lilies, and daffodils
now are coming through.

spring is coming, spring is coming
all around is fair.
shimmer, glimmer on the meadow,
joy is everywhere.

In May I Go a Walkin

In May I Go a Walking – listen to the tune on the flute

In May I go a walking
To hear the robins sing
The blackbirds and the thrushes
A-praising, A-praising, A-praising God the king.

It cheers the heart to hear them
To see the leaves unfold.
The meadows cover over
With butter-cups, with butter-cups, with butter-cups of gold.

Maypole Song

We’re dancing, we’re dancing
Around the Maypole high,
In colors of the rainbow
Our ribbons do fly,
Dear children, take a ribbon please
Today May flowers all are we,
Around, around, around,
A garland we do weave.

Tra-la-la, tra-la-la, tra-la-la, tra-la-la,
Tra-la-la, tra-la-la, tra-la-laaa.

Hi-diddle-dee, Hi-diddle-dee,
Come join me, come join me,
Hi-diddle-dee, Hi-diddle-dee,
Come join me, please.


Food for Thought

“The importance of storytelling, of the natural rhythms of daily life, of the evolutionary changes in the child, of art as the necessary underpinning of learning, and of the aesthetic environment as a whole–all basic to Waldorf education for the past 70 years–are being ‘discovered’ and verified by researchers unconnected to the Waldorf movement.” — Paul Bayers, Professor Columbia Teachers’ College

Garden Gate School